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As a student, writing essays is one of the major requirements in University or College. In this article, we are going to describe how to write the best essay to meet your instructor’s requirements.

When you decide to compose your essay, it is essential to come up with an initial draft.

Your initial draft will assist you in understanding the following:

The organization and the basic structure of the essay, the manner in which you will respond to the question, the evidence and illustrations that you will employ and the manner in which your argument will be logically organized.

An initial draft should not be treated as the final draft, and the writer should regard it as raw material that will be perfected through subsequent phases, such as redrafting and editing. After one has composed a draft, he can concentrate on the actual writing.


An essay should be organized most effectively to express one’s perceptions and respond to the research question.

All essays are expected to have the following parts in their organization:

Paragraphs refer to a related phrase category that creates a single perception. All paragraphs in the body of an essay should include the following:

A topic sentence that states the primary or guiding opinion,

Supporting phrases to describe and create the point you are putting forward,

Proof from the resource materials or an illustration from the subject that backs up your opinion, examination of the consequences/significance/effects of the proof and finally, an important conclusion drawn from the proof,

A concluding sentence reiterating the main argument examines the evidence and transitions to the subsequent paragraph.

Suggestions for Excellent Essay Writing

Begin writing on time – the earlier, the better. Beginning early reduces nervousness, overcomes procrastination and offers writers enough time to develop their notions.

Be aware of the essay question. Do not forget the question or the activity to be accomplished. Always have a copy with you during all the various stages, such as drafting, editing or composing the final essay.

Do not attempt to come up with an essay from the start to the end, specifically in a single sitting. Start with what you are prepared to write, such as structure, sentences, or bullet points. Begin with the body of the essay and move from one paragraph to another.

Come up with the introduction and conclusion after you are through with the body. It is advisable to come up with an introduction or conclusion once you are aware of what the essay entails.

Utilize ‘signpost’ phrases in your essay. Transition signals assist the reader in moving from one idea to the next and comprehending the flow of the essay.

Employ quotations and paraphrases in your paragraphs.

Make the necessary revisions to your draft.

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